Privacy Policy

On this page we explain what our policy is regarding the collection and use of your personal data when you visit this website and when you provide us with any person details such as your name and email address.

This page also explains why we use of cookies and why it’s necessary to do so.

When you visit our website we do not collect any personally identifiable data from you unless you send us this information directly via email or our contact phone. Data we do collect is completely anonymous and allows us to offer you a better service in return.

This may be through the use of analytical services or targeted advertisements outside of our website.

When we do receive personal information through any communication medium including written or verbally we take all reasonable steps to protect that information. We have made every effort to ensure our’s and third parties servers are secure.

In some cases where data is held off site through the use of a third party service we cannot be held liable for any breaches of security.

We only tend to use cookies as part of our analytics or popup software. If you do not want our cookies downloaded onto your computer then you can adjust the cookie settings on your computer so that they are not accepted.

If you have any further questions as to how we work to protect your privacy then please email [email protected]



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