Our Story

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Our Story

Tucked away in the heart of The Hythe, Colchester, Bambu is a family run Vietnamese Restaurant offering an array of fresh tasting culinary from scrumptious small eats and salads, to heart-warming bowls of “Pho”. On this page we explain the story of Bambu, from our humble beginnings through to what makes our food so special to us and our guests.

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Humble Beginnings

From it’s humble beginnings, Bambu provides delicious meals and friendly service to our customers in a relaxing environment. We wanted Bambu to become a place where people can retreat from the busyness of everyday life to enjoy delightful food and drinks. From the rustic interior styling to the creation of each and every dish on the menu, everything has it’s own story to tell. A year on and Bambu has never ceased to search for new ways to improve whilst keeping the core values at heart.

The Beginning of Bambu

Bambu today

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The Making of Bambu

The owner began with an idea to transform an empty building off the bank of the River Colne (in The Hythe) into a modern rustic sanctuary using reclaimed materials and wood pallets. He hand crafted each table, each bench and every detail, bringing to life the overall vision of humble surroundings and the authentic feeling of Vietnam for guests whilst dining at Bambu.

From firm foundations

Through the looking glass

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Our Food

Our menu is mainly inspired by traditional Vietnamese street food as well as our most treasured childhood family meals cooked by our mother. In order to share this experience at the tables of our guests, every dish to prepared and cooked to order using fresh ingredients available, just like it would be at home. Combined with family recipes and our deep love for food, each plate ends up being a tasty blend of truly authentic Vietnamese dish.

Cooked fresh to order

A fiery passion for food

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